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Allied Watches is a mid and high-class luxury watch retailer offering the widest selection of timepieces from the most popular watchmaking names. Welcome to our spectrum of brands where you can pick and choose the watch or fashion accessory of your choice.  Our diverse collection of 20+ luxury brands makes us a popular destination for any watch and jewelry enthusiast. We are assisting corporations with a wide range of timepieces with their logo and customized design. Corporate gift watches are a great way to show your appreciation or celebrate achievements. We have been supporting government organizations such as Qatar University, Qatar Foundation. HMC, Qatar Airways, QMA, QNB, Qatar Armed Force, etc. Over the years, we are assisting customers with a wide range of luxury watch brands, Gold & Jewelry, Pen and cuff link designs, and service superiority. We work to create an excellent retailing ambiance, And we are dedicated to providing high-quality products at affordable prices and offering excellent after-sale services to our customers. Since our foundation, we have been developing with strong supports from our customers.

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Allied Watches, Pen, Cufflink, & Accessories

Allied Watches, Pen, Cufflink & Accessories

Allied Watches, Pen, Cufflink & Accessories

Leather Products

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Dior, a brand rooted in history and just as luxurious as it sounds. An internationally renowned brand since 1946, the French fashion house acclaimed for its elegance and timeless femininity. A leading company that has remained at the top of fashion's hierarchy for over 70 years, Dior's unique look has influenced the world of fashion since the beginning. Innovative but traditional, Dior maintains its reputation as a creator of recognized haute couture. From their fashion to leather goods, accessories.

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